Can’t Manage Time For Workouts? Always Seem To Be In A Hurry?

Time is a super power when it comes to being parents. I’m sure you will agree when I say, if you can manage your time well, you have won it all. However, managing time is also a big task due to limited availability of the resource.

Most of my friends who are parents already complain of its management issues. Are you also finding it difficult to manage your time because of the kids around?

Do you find it difficult to squeeze in some adventure and fun time with your partner and kids in your schedule? Here are some super tips to help you manage your time well and give you an upper hand with parenting.

Plan Your Schedule

Planning is the most effective mantra when it comes to time management. Plan your schedule ahead of time to make sure you don’t miss on any important activity for the day.

Thinking ahead will help you take care of most of your tasks in advance. You can do them halfway and keep them ready for the next day.

You can use to-do lists or an app on your smartphone to do this.

Time Management Tips For Parents-kidswonders

Prioritize Your Tasks

Some tasks like buying a set of fresh diapers cannot be delayed, but buying a new pair of shoes can be delayed by a day or two. Remember to prioritize your tasks according to their urgency.

Plan Your Menu

In our daily lives, we have a habit of putting things off to the next day. As a parent, you should be able to develop your predictive powers (Just kidding).

For example, cutting the vegetables/ fruits in advance during your free time. This will save your time next day morning when you are in a hurry.

Deciding the menu will help you save significant time. It may become monotonous after a month, so remember to change the menu after 40-45 days.

Talking to a dietitian will help in creating a balanced diet for your family.

Delegate Duties

For better or worse, isn’t it? You can allocate activities between you and your partner to avoid overburdening yourself.

This will help both of you to contribute equally to your child’s development. Also, you will feel less burdened and will have fewer stress breakdowns.

Time Management Tips For Parents-kidswonders

Teach Your Kids

If your babies are grown up enough, teaching them some of the chores is one of the best ways to get a little bit of assistance in your homework.

Initially, I’m sure you will be reluctant to hand them a knife to help you chop. But small tasks like taking the trash out, juicing oranges etc. can be handed over to them.

This will also instill a sense of responsibility in your kids, which is itself a huge task.

Time Management Tips For Parents-kidswonders

Use Stationery To Prioritize

Visit the dry cleaner or take the kids to the dentists for their routine check-up?

We have these wonderful ranges of stationery items that help to make our life easier. Post-its are one of those inventions.

Use multi-color pens and post-its to pin the tasks on the fridge or cupboards so that they don’t slip from your mind. You can use these to remind yourself as well as others about the daily chores.

Spend Time With Kids

Childhood is the most important time when the parent-child relation gets stronger. During this time ensure that every day you allocate time for your kids. Ask them how their day was, go to the park with them, or at least play with them in your backyard.

This will strengthen your bond with them and you won’t feel like you missed on something in their growing up days because of being burdened with home chores.

Time Management Tips For Parents-kidswonders

Communicate With Your Partner

Communication is the key to all problems. When you communicate with your partner more often you will feel less burdened with chores. A feeling of shared responsibility will be felt. This will relieve stress from both your shoulders and you will eventually start enjoying parenthood.

Make Time For Yourself Here

You are very important. If you are mentally and physically healthy your family will be taken care of. So take those breaks and time outs for yourself. Go for walks in nature and talk to yourself even if it’s just for 15 minutes. Use the assistance of a babysitter if required occasionally and go out for romantic dinner with your partners.

Hope these tips help you together and you become better managers of time. If you have any valuable tips form your end, don’t forget to write them up in our comments section below. We would love to hear from you. Remember, while looking after the needs and requirements of your family, including yourself in the list.

Take care of yourself too. You are equally important.

Let Us Know What Do You Do To Manage Your Time.