Waking up early is a task. Especially after a long, tedious and tiring day of juggling through the chores. In this zest of having a schedule, most of us stick to the ‘wake up’ time but ignore the ‘go to bed’ time. In most of the cases before going to bed we target finishing off our chores and get to bed. It’s only when we finally are on our spot that we realize the time. But it doesn’t end there. Since we are already late we don’t mind spending the next 15-30 minutes with our smart devices! After all, you didn’t get enough time through the day for going through it! And we buy ourselves this bargain.

Doesn’t This Story Sound Familiar To You?

If you are also one of those parents who wish to wake up early but are unable to do so, here are some super effective tips to help you find a way out of bed at the desired time. The best part is, if you are consistent with followings these, chances are your kids are going to automatically learn them and in a few days’ time to share your responsibility of waking up early!

Put Your Alarm Across The Room

This is the first and most common suggestion. If you keep your alarm clock on the bedside, there is a very high possibility that you will hit the snooze button but keeping the alarm clock across the room will make you get out of bed, even if it’s just to hit the snooze button. Getting out of bed makes your body feel that it’s time to wake up. Besides, this is the biggest task, isn’t it?

Start Slowly

If you are used to waking up at 7 am due to vacations in the school, start waking up early 1 week prior to the start of school. Take it slow. Start with 6:45 am for a couple of days, then 6:30 and so on. Don’t try to straight wake up at 5 am. Doing so may have a toll on your body leaving it more tired today than before.

Sleep Early

No compromises! Learn to sleep early. If you decide to stretch your body’s capacity by sleeping less your body will react with illness or fatigue in no time. This will force you to toss your schedule in the bin and sleep more. If you can’t sleep early, try reading in bed. Or a simple meditation of gratitude for every little thing in your life should do the trick.


As soon as you wake up, if you decide to sit like a lazy bum in bed, you’re going to fall asleep again or have a sleepy day. Instead, try to indulge in physical activities. Workout. Do jumping jacks or some “yogasana”  or if you like challenging yourselves, simply get going with the 3-minute plank regime. This activity will make sure that your sleep naturally stops lingering around your eyes!

No Tech Device On Bed

In this techie world, smartphones and tablets have stolen all the show. People are so possessive about them! This is a tough one though. Avoid using these devices at least 30 minutes before the time you have decided to sleep. This simple method will help you not waste your sleep time on social media or games. (both not worth losing sleep for, right?)

No Napping

Avoid napping during the day especially if you have already slept for 7-8 hours on the previous night. Naps during the day resist the body from falling asleep quickly at night. So napping is a strict no for you. At least till your body learns to sleep equally well at night after a nap.

Remember, if you wish to get into the habit of waking up early you have to be a little hard on yourself initially. But this doesn’t mean you don’t get even a bare minimum sleep. According to studies, an individual is required to get sleep for at least 7-8 hours every day.

If you are unable to wake up early don’t be harsh on yourself and walk around sleep deprived. Make sure you get enough rest before starting with a new day. Give yourself some time while following these tips consistently and see the magic work.