Social skills are very important for children. Humans are the most social animals and that is why we have managed to develop so much. Being socially active in the community helps us through a tough time and makes us a better person.

But what about those who do not develop their social skills? Do they thrive as much as a socially active person? Are they able to live a fulfilling life?

Sometimes they do, but the majority of them end up in the wrong place.

Social Skils For Children

What Happens To Kids With Poor Social Skills?

Kids with poor social skills frequently end up in trouble. Lack of communication makes them feel alienated and this makes them anti-social. Not being able to mix with other kids make them angry, frustrated and feel neglected.

These kids have a high chance of doing drugs, criminal activities and performing anti-social elements. Most of the anti-social kids end up with low self-esteem and lack of consciousnesses.

Some do bounce back and get their act together, but most of them don’t.

What can we do to ensure that our kids develop a good sense of right and wrong? How can we educate them to blend into society and learn values of sharing?

Why Teach Social Skills To Children?

Social awkwardness starts from childhood and if not rectified at early stages, it makes it more difficult in adolescent and teenage phase.

Teaching social skills from childhood is very important. This is why you should notice the behavior of your children from pre-school, nursery and primary.

Child psychiatrist always says that behavior pattern, especially social behavior , are set during early childhood stages.  Which is why parents should refrain from the comparison between friends or siblings as it may induce jealousy.

How To Teach Children Social Skills?

The comparison should always be with past records of good behavior or results to make children realize their mistake. Sibling rivalry should be healthy and not become a lifelong competition for seeking the attention of their parents.

One more emotion parents should consider is of kindness. Rather than teaching kids to nice, they should teach them to be kind. Being nice is an action, but kindness is a habit. I know this is a bit tricky to understand, but if you understand the difference, it will make a huge difference in your child’s behavior.

To teach kindness, having a pet in the house is a very good idea, especially dogs. Having pets will not only teach kids to be kind but also induce a sense of responsibility from early stages.

Back to social skills. Social skills should start from home. Saying thank you and sorry will make a good start. Always remember, as a parent or an elder sibling, you will have a huge influence on your kid.

Especially for home-schooled kids, you must make sure they are getting enough time with their peers. Often it has been noticed that homeschooled kids fell pressure in public and may develop Schizoid or Schizoid Type Personality Disorder.

Playing household games is a really fun way to develop social skills for children. Invite multiple kids for a play date and let them play with board games, team sports or let just let them run around.

Remember, people with good social skills will always have a successful life.

Make sure your child starts developing social skills from the get go and they will develop a personality which will become a role model to  others.

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