Isn’t It Difficult To Make Our Children Belive How Talented They Are?

It Is Really Frustrating Seeing Their Talent and Potential Go Waste, Isn’t It?

How nice would it be if you 10 years old son picked his clothes up before leaving for his football game? Or maybe your 12 years old daughter kept her books away in their racks after completing her school assignment?

Wouldn’t your work burden lighten up by tons! But often we find it difficult to get things done by our kids; especially the ones that they don’t wish to do! The tougher you try to get them done, the tougher your children make it!

I’m sure you have tried to motivate them by incentives. But didn’t work all the time, did it? Motivating kids with incentives may work wonders but as they grow older they’re smarter and you are left with only two options, either enhance their incentives or do the job yourself!

Here are some effective methods to make sure your kids are motivated to do what you want them to do without making it tough for you!

How To Motivate Your Kids

Lead By Example

Whatever it is that you want your kids to do, do it yourself first! Teach them by observation. Seeing you do the chore yourself will give them a sense of realization.

The next time you have to get the chore done, I’m sure you will receive a sweet help from them. When doing the chore, get them talking and discussing on how to do the chore innovatively.


When your kids are grown up enough to help you in your chores, it’s often that they start evaluating their own performance through the feedback that they receive from you.

If you tell your 5 years old son “good work sweetheart! You sure are a superstar” when he helps you cook; it is going to surely motivate him to help you with other chores as well!

Consider Their Interests

While assigning chores, consider their choice of work as well. If you ask your daughter to help you with the dishes but she wants to wash the car, chances are she will do the dishes half-heartedly and probably you will be forced to do them again!

So pair the chores up while delegating them. This will help you to get your chores done as well as they will enjoy the work.

How To Motivate Your Kids

Meaningful Conversations

I had a friend who loved cars and keeps his car spick and span. When I enquired, he told me, he developed his interest in cars because of his father.

His father educated him about the cars and shared his experiences with his son while the both washed and cleaned the car every alternate morning. Indulge in deep meaningful conversations with your kids.

They are much smarter than we think. Keeping them intellectually involved is one of the keys to getting your chore done.

How To Motivate Your Kids

Encourage Curiosity

Kids are bound to ask questions. Loads of them. Answer their questions carefully. If you don’t encourage their curiosity when they are at work, they might simply lose the interest to help you or do it considering it just as a mechanical job.

What If …

Remember, IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT! Don’t take it personally that your kids are not motivated. Give them a little space as well. Don’t become anxious to get them motivated. This will only worsen your bond with them and teach them to resist you. Instead of gathering any inner motivation they will be busy in finding ways of resisting you.

Remember To Keep It Simple. Let us know what you do to keep your children active and motivated.

Help others know what works best for you and your children!