How Much Do Results Matter?

A short answer is- An LOT!

But after results are out, is everything over? Well, if you don’t know how to make most of your result, you certainly are in a pickle.

Results are based on what and how much you learned. They certainly are no reflection on your talent, skill or potential.

There are so many people who have managed to turn over their life after failure.

Let us discuss how you can game the system and make results matter less.

What To Do When Results Are LOW?

When the results are not what you expected, it is usually due to lack of proper direction and no motivation.

It is very important to find a teacher or an adult who has a good experience and has the patience to guide. Although the whole “commercialization” of our education system makes it very difficult to find a good teacher, there are a few available. Approach them in a very humble manner and discuss with them how you can overcome this situation.


Read books voraciously. they will not only improve your language but also expand your mental horizons. Discussing books and authors is one of the best way to start an conversation in schools or colleges.

To improve your academic credibility, here are a few things you can do:

Change colleges after the first year: If you scored lesser than what yo expected, it ok. You can always change college by scoring decent marks in your first year. Also, you can always build up your resume by writing blogs, articles and by doing volunteer work.

Also, participating in contests held in colleges makes a huge difference too.

Enroll in a free MOOC: MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Courses. On these websites, you will find competitive courses taught free of cost. You can get a certificate that you have completed the course, but then you have to pay some fees.

Coursera is one of the leading MOOCs which has some of the best courses taught by leading college professors. It has decent courses in management, technology and language, which will look very impressive on your resume.

Blogging and Volunteer Work look very impressive and carry a lot of weight in your resume.

At the end of this post, there are some really interesting tips in how to build up your resume, in which we have discussed blogging and volunteer work too.

What To Do When You Fail?

Failure is and should be a huge setback.

Although failure should never make you depressed or lose hope, it should certainly make you more focused and aware of your situation.

Failure is ok as long as it is not repeated intentionally. Try to figure out what went wrong and where. There are so many people who have failed miserable and yet managed to become the most successful people in their field.

Here are a few things you can do to make sure your failure doesn’t become a lifelong setback.

Enroll in an open university: Open universities have distance education program where you don’t have to attend lectures regularly. This can enable you to earn and learn.(check out the last section of this post for more info)

Find your passion: More often than not, the reason for failure is doing or studying things in which you don’t have any interest. Find out what your passion is, you will automatically work hard and succeed in that field.

After failing college or school, most of the students drop out due to lack of funds. Especially for them, we have compiled a few option where they can earn and still have time for studies.

How To Earn And Learn?

Blogging: Blogging is a great way to express your opinions, knowledge or to display your interests/hobbies. And now you can get paid for it! With Google AdSense, you can display ads on your website,  for which google will pay. It is highly scalable and customizable and Google itself makes sure that the highest paying ad is being displayed on your website.

Again, through blogging, you can establish your authority of your knowledge in your field. Creating and writing a blog will not only help you generate a secondary source of income but also help you showcase your views to the world.

When your recruiter asks you about your hobbies and finds out you write, it makes a huge difference in you chances of getting the job.

Learn Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is very easy. All you have to do is help a vendor sell his product. It might be a weightloss supplement or trying to gather customer information. Affiliate programs like Amazon are easy to use and you can start earning in almost a couple of months.

Another Pro Tip: Create a strong LinkedIn Profile and link your blog in that.

Writing: Writing guest articles for a blog is an easy way to get hands on experience on blogging. Writing not simply typing words, but creating content which will connect with the audience.

Writing for the e-commerce companies is a huge market nowadays, especially writing product descriptions and reviews.

Volunteer at an NGO: If you have worked for an NGO or any other non-profit organization, it is definitely going to increase your resume weight. You can also write for an NGO that supports a cause you are passionate about on social media. For example, I am passionate about animal welfare, so I will write for animal welfare NGOs.

Although the pay here is a lot less, the work satisfaction you get in volunteer work is amazing.

We hope you read something that will motivate you and help you overcome failure.

Don’t let academic success define who you are. There are so many successful businessmen, athletes and professional who failed academically and still managed to dominate their field.

Let us know what your worst failure was and how you overcame it.

You never know, you might motivate someone to turn around his or her life.