Nowadays, we observe that many parents are tensed about their children’s height. Even the children are very much concerned about their height growth as they are bullied by their friends and seniors, they might not get a chance to join the school basketball team or miss the opportunity to become the class monitor and so on.

Height is one of the main and dominating factors in determining the individual’s overall look and personality. It is noticed that tall people always steal the limelight away, effortlessly.

Moreover, the parents want their child to grow up to be a tall adult. But there are no secrets to increase height overnight. There are many products available in the market, which claim to speed up the height, but believe us, most of them are ineffective.

Your expectations and money will all go in vain. These products actually do not give the desired results and consuming non-prescribed drugs can lead to many complications.

Normally, a child grows 2 inches per year when he/she reaches the age of four until puberty. It is possible to increase the height of kids in an effective way. Good height improves the self-esteem and confidence of kids and will keep them away from the issues faced by short children.

To increase the height of children it is necessary that they exercise and involve in physical activities. Proper diet also plays a vital role in the growth of children.

Now let us have a look at the effective tips so that it increases your kid’s height.

These tips include some of the important exercises and information on balanced diet.

Proper Diet

A child needs all kinds of nutrients and vitamin so that there is a proper growth in every aspect of physical and mental growth. As you are already concentrating on exercises, so there is also need of proper diet so that your child’s body grow in an optimum way. The diet should consist of vital proteins, calcium and vitamins.

An adequate amount of Vitamin D and dairy products are good sources of calcium. Zinc also helps in stimulating body growth effectively. So add zinc-rich foods in the diet such as squash seeds, wheat germ, peanuts, pumpkin and crab. These foods will surely help your child to grow healthy and faster.

Pull-ups Exercise

Does your child love to hang from bars? If yes, then it is awesome! Pull-ups exercises are considered to be the most effective exercises for height growth. Gravity hampers the child from getting taller because if they stand for major part of the day then it starts affecting the joints and spine which compresses them little by little.

It also squeezes and contracts the muscles and cartilage. So it is advised to kids to do a lot of pull-ups. This helps in stretching lower part of the body and spine gets elongated.

Install a horizontal hanging bar in the house, and note that it should be set up high enough so that it supports the entire height of the child and his/her feet should be at least one foot away from the floor. Make sure that your child performs it every day at least for 10 minutes to get the best results.


Swimming is one of the famous activities which positively results in the growth of children height. This exercise is most preferred exercise to acquire a tall body. It is the best exercise for the entire cardiovascular system. Swimming increases production of human growth hormone which enables height growth, increases spine length and breathing capacity.

If you want your kids to grow tall then make them learn swimming. It is observed that children who swim in their teenage are taller than non-swimmers.


Stretching is the easiest exercise that your kid can perform. It involves some of the basic and simple stretchings which effectively helps in increasing your child’s height. It does not need any specific place, as it can be performed anywhere such as while watching T.V. or in the garden. Allow your child to stand against the wall and thread his/her fingers while palm facing upwards and ask them to stretch as much as possible.

Another incredible exercise is to get your child sit on the floor with his/her legs wide as much as possible and let them touch their toe by bending their waist. This stretching exercise will help them elongation of the spine and improves posture.


Yoga needs no introduction as its asanas are beneficial in every aspect. Asanas such as Surya Namaskar and Adho Mukha Syan Asana is ideal for increasing height of a child as it stretches the body easily. Make sure that your kid does proper breathing exercise before starting it. Then make him/her lie down on the back, lift his/her hips followed by stretching the legs backward.

These asanas can be performed on daily basis.


Skipping is an activity that almost every child loves. This activity can help in increasing height and it also has many health benefits. There are many positive results of skipping such as it increases stamina, endurance and coordination.

Ankle Weights

This exercise entirely focuses on the lower part of the body. You need to tie ankle weights on your child’s ankle. Make sure that you use small weights. This exercise stretches lower part of the body making them taller and also stretches the cartilage between your Knees.

What Else Affects Height?

So getting taller is not an impossible task. Those children with short height can rise above this problem by following above tips and feel confident and they need not be self-conscious about it. A growth of a child depends on genetics but it is not the only factor, although a major one.

There is a hormone called Human Growth Hormone (HGH) which is responsible for height growth, produced by the pituitary gland. HGH is secreted in maximum quantities during 10 P.M to 1 A.M, which why we should send children early to bed. Also, reduce exposure towards television, mobile and other sources of electronic light. Early exposure towards electronic light can have an adverse effect on physical as well as mental growth our child, as they interfere with hormone production and regulation.

The above exercise will definitely work on this hormone and help to stimulate more and more amount of HGH resulting in elongated spine and growth of a child.

Do you have any more tips, tricks or ideas which would help your younger generations to become taller and stronger?

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