In today’s world, parents are busier than ever. The professional life always interrupts and sometimes even oppresses their personal life. This is the reason, where parents are sometimes unable to keep a regular check on the basic health of their child, which includes dental health .

Nowadays, kid’s dental health has become a hot and concerned topic for discussion among the parents. This is because there is a gradual increase in dental issues which is mostly faced by children at an early age. Poor dental health can result in many complications. Many a time, children often face embarrassment due to poor dental health. They are frequently teased by their friends and seniors. This feeling of embarrassment does not allow them to simply smile or laugh out loudly. They often compromise in smiling or laughing which affects their self-confidence and self-esteem. Tooth decay, bad breath, visible gum disease and much more, all these leads contribute to poor dental health.

 Importance Of Dental Health:

It is necessary to maintain a good oral health throughout life. Having a pearly and milky white tooth is very important for children as well as adults. A good tooth always helps a child in staying confident and attractive. It is always beneficial to start good dental health care practice from an early age. Researchers have found that a healthy mouth can rip-off many medical disorders. An unhealthy mouth can increase the risk of many serious health issues such as stroke, heart attacks, uncontrolled diabetes and much more.

Parents have a huge role in helping their child to develop a good oral hygiene. It is necessary for parents to look upon their children’s tooth brushing and dental hygiene which will result in the development of strong and healthy teeth. Maintenance of teeth at early age i.e. of primary teeth results in good chewing of food and ability to talk. Proper chewing helps to break up food into small pieces and allows efficient digestion. You can be a role model for your child by setting a daily routine of brushing and making your child understand the importance of dental health.

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Most Common Dental Problems Faced By Kids:

Rapid Decay of Tooth

It is very common that a child always has a bottle or a Sippy cup as a handy. This problem is also known by many different names such as Baby bottle tooth decay, childhood caries, nursing caries, and nursing bottle syndrome. What happens is that baby’s teeth frequently come in contact with all foods that are sugary in nature such as fruit juices, milk and sugar water. The bacteria present in the mouth feed on sugars and causes tooth decay which can give immense pain to the child and make it difficult to chew.

Early Loss of Primary or Baby Teeth

Many times, a child loses his/her tooth prematurely. The reason behind this problem is tooth decay, lack of jaw space and injury. Premature loss of teeth allows the nearby teeth to shift in unoccupied space and affects the new permanent teeth by tilting and misaligning it. This uneven growth of teeth can cause many problems like improper chewing and it does not look when the kid smiles or laughs.

Thumb Sucking

Generally, infants tend to suck their thumbs, fingers, pacifiers, toys and many other objects. This gives them a sense of joy, security, and comfort. But if the sucking goes on beyond the age of 4, then it can be intimation for some serious oral problem. Frequent sucking can push out the alignment of teeth, causing them to pop out of the mouth and create overbite. The child then faces difficulty in pronouncing the words correctly and the upper and lower jaw can get misaligned.

Damages Lips through Lip Sucking

Continuous lip sucking involves clutching the lower lip underneath the upper front of teeth. This practice causes damage to lips, as it swells badly and can also give cuts to it. This also pushes the front teeth out of the mouth and possibly hinder proper speech development.

Tongue Thrusting

If you come to know that your child is swallowing his/her food or drink by thrusting the tip of the tongue against the lips, then this is referred as tongue thrusting. Do not allow them to do that because it exerts pressure on the teeth which causes harm and misaligns it. This can also result in an overbite and similar kind of problems as discussed with thumb sucking.

The above-mentioned problems are some of the serious and common dental problems faced by kids which somehow need some action. Dental health is one of the important components of overall health. A good dental health also contributes to the overall personality of a kid. It is seen that parents normally brush off the significance of baby’s teeth, so now it’s time to reverse all these allegations.


Let’s have a look at how you can keep a check and encourage your kids to maintain healthy teeth.

Stand Firm On Brushing

Normally kids don’t like to brush their teeth as they feel it very annoying. In this case, you have to be patient and take a guard on it because brushing is something which is completely unavoidable. It is necessary to teach your kid, the technique of brushing. Show them how to hold the brush at 45-degree angle at the gum line and gently rub the teeth with back and forth strokes. Rough brushing causes irritation and soreness in the gums.

Make use of Fluoride Rinse for Kids

A good mouth fluoride rinse helps in strengthen the tooth enamel, prevents cavities and tooth decay. It is advised to always practice this activity after brushing.

Regular Flossing Of Teeth

When your child reaches the age of 7 or 8, this can be a perfect time to introduce them to flossing. Teach them the art of flossing so that germs and plaques do not absorb themselves between the teeth and under the gumline.

Maintain a healthy diet

Diet also affects the kid’s oral health. It is better to avoid sugary and starchy foods so that they do not decay or erode enamel. Instead of this feed them with vitamins, minerals, and sugar-free foods and drinks.

Keep a Routine Check

It is better if you routinely check or examine your kid’s dental health. Making dental visits in every six months would be most excellent choice and also make them understand the importance of dental health

By following these above steps regularly, you can prevent your child from many dental diseases. It is really essential that young children take care of their teeth so that they do not face any kind of dental issues in future.

How do you deal with your child’s health care issues? If you have any suggestions, let us know in the comments below. Feedback is always welcome!