We are so focused on the academic growth of our kids that clearly, we don’t notice how ‘limited’ the academic growth makes our children!
In the older generations, kids in every block had hobbies. They loved cycling around or maybe just read. Gardening was exciting and playing all day on the ground under the sun was the trend.
Who else has noticed that generations these days have almost ‘nothing’ to do these days in their free time?
When I asked my mother what she did in her free time when she was in school, she gave me a blank look and replied, “I was never free”.
As parents of today’s age, we tend to have a career-oriented approach with respect to our kid’s future. We wish for them to have an amazing and fulfilling career where they are able to provide themselves and their families all the luxuries that we, as parents, couldn’t afford.
However, this narrow-minded approach has led to the loss of creativity in our kids. So much that the idiot boxes i.e. the televisions and computers have become more close to them than their friends or us. This is simply because they are clueless on how to and what exactly can they talk with us or their ‘friends’. These entertainment boxes have done so much harm to their brain that they don’t even know how to communicate themselves.
Here are some reasons to convince you as to why having hobbies is an excellent activity to be included in the daily schedule of your kids.

Enhances Creativity

Hobbies give an entirely new direction to the thought process of kids. It enables them to experiment with their thoughts and try new ways rather than sticking to the old traditional ways. You will be surprised by the amount of smart idea they come up with for going the same old job.

Individualistic Approach

Developing their hobbies and empowering them to develop their skills gives them a feeling of security. Usually, we feel awkward to stand out in the crowd. It encourages them to be open to stand out in the crowd without feeling awkward.

Break From Studies 

No matter how much parents think that hobbies would distract their kids, studies have something else to say. It has been proved that the kids who have a hobby are known to be more focused and attentive in classes as compared to the other average kids. Hence, hobbies give a good interesting break to kids form studies.

Vacations And Productivity

The tough time for parents is when the kids have vacations from school. They are home all day long driving the parents crazy cause of their boredom. If they have hobbies, keeping them engaged in productive means is much easier.

Independent Approach 

Hobbies keep changing as one grows up. Once they are old enough they will adjust their schedule accordingly to fit their ‘me-time’ in their schedule. It encourages them to think on their own and stand by their choices. If they are used to making ‘me-time’ for themselves since childhood, all their worries in adulthood will be taken care of!

Having hobbies makes sure that our kids become all-rounders. Rather than focusing on their academic growth alone, it is always a great idea to equip them with skills that may at the best help them to create a livelihood for themselves or at the worst assist them for relieving their stress. Either ways, it will surely contribute to their life in more than one productive ways. Let’s empower them to take care of them now as well as when they grow up!