Who All Has A Feeling That They Wish They Were More Health Conscious When They Were Young?

After growing up we often feel the need of being healthy. Nowadays the ratio of illness is alarming. Young adults at the age of 23 are detected with diabetes. Men and women as young as 37-40 years old get a heart attack!
This alarming rate of growing unhealthy population has taken a toll on our minds and made us wish we would have been more conscious with respect to our health and paid more attention to our body & its needs.

But as the saying goes ‘It’s never too late’, how about developing ourselves now? What if you could actually work towards a healthy future right now with all that is left of you? On the contrary how about saving our kids from facing the regrets that we are going through in our life by encouraging them to love their bodies from right now?

Here are some interesting ways of putting yourself and your kids to work towards having healthier and sexier bodies!

Lead By Example

There are no words that would stress enough on the fact that kids learn from observation. If you wish to make sure they are conscious about their health, you want to make changes in your habits first. When you start choosing a cup of green tea over that mug of early morning coffee, they will automatically choose likewise.

Choose fun exercise routines/activities
Keeping a monotonous routine, in any case, becomes boring with time, especially workout routines. So make them as creative as possible. Maybe you could go to the park twice a week, go swimming for a day and stick to morning for the remaining week! Let kids choose the activities they love and you can participate.

Use Exercise As A Reward

One of the beliefs that we have stuck in our belief system is of physical activity amounting to punishment. Remember those days in school when you didn’t do your homework and your teacher made you run around the basketball court for 5 minutes? My advice is NEVER to use exercise as a punishment. It creates a negative image in the minds of the kids, so use it as a reward instead. How about 30 minutes of kickball if they finish their homework in an hour? I’m sure they will take less than an hour this time!

Fun Fitness Calendars

I recently came across this concept which interested me. It suggests that we prepare a rough calendar for the entire month, teaming with our kids, and planning on the exercise routine only for that month. Experts suggest this activity not only builds excitement but also leaves space for you guys to be flexible and become innovative with your workout ideas since it is only for a month that you have to plan.


Whether your child is a 2-year-old toddler or a 10-year-old youngster, dancing is an activity that can be indulged into at any age! If on a certain day you couldn’t find time to do the actual hardcore workout activity you planned for yourself, make sure to on your music system and groove to the beats. This is one of the best exercises which not only burns calories but is absolute fun to do.

How about contributing towards building a responsible generation. There is no harm in becoming health conscious at a young age right? Besides, you get a workout partner! What better than this?

Tell us how you manage to get your kids and yourself in shape while having a schedule to follow, write in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share this article!