Toddlers Can Handle Candies, Right?

For children one of the best gifts they receive is chocolates. They love chocolates more than anything because that is how they give themselves a treat or a small token of happiness. I could be candies or even proper chocolate bars, all of these make them happy and hence chocolates are considered to be one of the reasons for improving a kid’s mood. Dark chocolates are especially one of the best ones which help children . with the presence of vita

Why Is Chocolate Good For Them?

Normally for children chocolates are considered to be treats or a small package of happiness. Mostly, all the kids like chocolates may it be toffees or proper chocolate bars. Not only for the taste but chocolates are known for a lot of vitamins and helps in reducing stress from a person’s body.

  • For mood enhancement: If you ever give a child a small piece of chocolate you would never see a frowning reaction of his face. It helps in enhancing the mood and makes you feel happy. Chocolates help in mood-regulation and also help in decreasing the serotonin level.
  • Helps in decreasing the stress level: chocolate is proven to decrease your stress hormone level and also helps it feel relaxed. It helps in triggering the presence of flavonoids in the brain. This also helps in developing boosting one’s memory.
  • Is a great antioxidant: Chocolate works perfectly in getting rid of free radicals from a child’s body as it may be harmful. It is an antioxidant and helps in preventing damage caused inside the body.
  • Chocolate helps in boosting one’s blood circulation: Chocolate is considered to be one of the well-known facts of chocolate. It helps in giving a boost to the blood circulation and also helps in supporting the brain function of kids by improving their concentration levels.

How Can Chocolate Be Harmful To These Toddlers?

With the overeating of candies and chocolate, there is an increase in the harm as well. As we all know excess of anything is harmless and it is the same with chocolates as well. A lot of issues can arise due to this and hence we should the knowledge about it. Some of the main issues are as follows:

  • Leads to obesity: This is one of the leading issues in the country. The only reason behind this is the overeating of junk food or unhealthy food which will lead to weight gain. Obesity is also one of the major reasons for a lot of diseases such as blood pressure, cholesterol etc.
  • Sleep disturbance: Although chocolates do not contain a lot of caffeine due to its presence there are high chances for you to lose your sleep. It also means that
  • Diabetes: Consuming a lot of candied chocolates or canned food items can lead to a lot of diseases. One of them being diabetes can be one of the main issues.
  • Hyperactiveness: With the increase in sugar, there is a trigger in the production of adrenaline which helps them to become hyperactive.