How Does Chocolate Affect A Child’s Behavior? 

Chocolates have always been a crowd favorite comfort food in most lists across all ages. They are and will always be a great incentive to get anything done from your kids. They also pose as excellent gifts and a great item to cheat on your diet. It is safe to say that everyone loves the delicious creamy indulgence of chocolates.

At the same time, they are also talked about a lot for other reasons. Most parents are deathly afraid of giving their children chocolates or sugary sweets of any kind. The aftermath is what really scares them off. Chocolates are often touted as one of the main reasons for a child’s overactive or hyper behavior.  

Chocolate is known to contain a balance of sugar and fat that will have your kid bouncing off the walls. Now, parents want their kid out of control. However, this misunderstood piece of wisdom is the reason why many parents forbid their kids from having any piece of candy before their bedtime. 

Chocolate or candies of any kind have gone through quite a few allegations. Most studies have shown that artificial food coloring and artificial flavoring added in some chocolates have little to no effect on a child’s behavior. Let’s take caffeine, which is a common ingredient found in most chocolates. Caffeine might still have a considerable impact on how a child behaves but the amount of sugar consumed comparatively doesn’t fair that well. 

Health Benefits Of Chocolates For Kids 

  • Chocolates are known to affect the serotonin levels in your kid’s bodies. Increased serotonin levels because of eating chocolates, can elevate your child’s sour mood and releases the stress of any kind.  
  • It is also known to send certain signals to the brain which improves a child’s concentration and memory. 
  • Chocolates are also a great way to shake away any tiredness or soreness in your body. It proves for a great boost of energy. It is an excellent pick me up if your kid is feeling drowsy or lousy.  
  • Packed with essential nutrients and minerals that have a variety of beneficial properties. 
  • A common misconception is that chocolate is bad for your teeth. However, it is proven to some extent that dark chocolate helps in removing and preventing the formation of plaque on your kid’s teeth. 

Side Effects Of Chocolates On Your Kid’s Behaviour 

Even though chocolates have a number of beneficial qualities, when taken in the improper amount or quantity, it can do more harm than good. It may have the following side effects on your kid: 

  • Risk of allergies 
  • Insomnia or sleeplessness 
  • Frequent peeing 
  • Can lead to addiction  
  • Avoiding healthy food 
  • Hyperactivity 
  • Risk of diabetes and obesity. 

If your child craves for chocolates make sure that it is taken sparingly. Although chocolate is considered to be safe when given in adequate amounts. You might also want to keep your child off of any kind of chocolate if he or she has a milk allergy or is lactose intolerant.