Summer 2017 Is Here. Worried That Your Children Will Spend Their Vacations Playing Mobile Games?

Summer days are actually meant to relax and have a family time. With kids at home most of the time, unlike school days, parents also tend to get the leisure of waking up late in the mornings. However, try telling this to kids who are busy jumping from one wall to another. All their dramas right from the most common ‘I’m bored’ to running around messing the home.

Here are 7 fabulous ideas to keep your babies involved and busy through this summer.

Work Together

This is the best time to teach our kids some of the household chores. You can get them involved in every little thing of the house. It could vary from gardening to cleaning the garage.

This will not only give you a hand in your daily chores but also inculcate the practice of doing such chores in your kids.

 Bake Together

As the saying goes, ‘the family that eats together stays together’, similarly cooking together has its own advantages. It will be absolute fun to teach your kids some summer special, quick to make and easy recipes.

Morbid obesity has now officially become an epidemic. Cooking is not only fun but a necessary skill too. Adults who are not able to cook tend to eat processed and outside food. Ability to cook ensures that your kid will not order a pizza every time when he or she is hungry and you are not around.

This will not only enable them to spend their holidays in a fun way but also equip them for the day when you are not available and they are hungry!

 Picnics To Zoos/ Museum/ Aquarium

In summers, since the holidays are longer than usual, parents generally plan for outstation/ abroad trips. Try to add in some tourist spots like the Zoo, Museum, and Aquariums in the trip. This would help the kids enhance their knowledge and also enjoy this extraordinary experience.

Make sure the animal parks you visit are cruelty-free and ethical. Also, educate your kids on how to behave inside the animal park or the zoo.

 Summer Homework

Schools usually give summer homework for vacations. How about planning our homework out in advance and finishing it before time? Every day right from the 1st week of holidays itself set aside an hour or so for completion of the homework.

Use this hour wisely for the time when you can’t really be engaged with the kids, so they can sit by themselves and finish their work!

You can be a bit creative with the style of doing the homework. You may take to a public park or a library to study. Keep in mind that there are no repercussions if they don’t finish their home works. But make sure that they are enjoying and understanding what they are learning.

Learning during summer time should be fun. It should help them in finding their passion.

 Exercise Together

One of the best ways to get in shape this summer is to train your kids to take care of their own bodies. While doing so, you too shake those hips and do those crunches yourself. This will give you a partner in training and will go a long way in your kid’s life. Teach them this most important lesson this summer.

Exercise can help with mental conditioning too. Mental discipline and toughness can be taught with exercise. Set a target and achieve it before summer vacation ends. Help you kid get ready for the school sports meet, football season or just help them get healthier.

 Read Together

Reading sets a new level in the brain. It opens chambers in the brain that are not usually at work. The creative side of the humans is known to develop due to reading. Since we all know that kids learn more from observing than anything else.

Sit with them and read. Develop their interest in reading along with enjoying your own little secret world as you read along. Help them find their niche and get them the kind of books that will peak their interest.

 Master A New Skill

Let your child’s creativity flow out in the form acquiring new skills. Get to know his/her area of interest and master new skills. It could be joining a guitar class or maybe learning kung-fu. This summer empower your kids to follow their heart and master the art of creativity.

Hope these ideas help you not only to keep your babies busy this summer but also to encourage them to listen to their calling! Wishing you a happy summer!