Our Super Girl In Disguise

There is this one soul with whom we have the longest relationship. It is always about 9 months longer than others. She is there right from the beginning. She gives us the first ever human touch and feel.

The more I wish to say about her the fewer words come into my mind. It is more about feeling her and her presence in our life than to talk about her.

This gets me to the point where I wonder why the bet things in the universe have always been incapable of being expressed about?

When you see a beautiful sunset on a mountain top and you have the best feeling in the world yet you are unable to capture that moment.

Like when you see the moon on a starry night and it looks so perfect, yet when you pull your phone out you are unable to capture the beauty it!

This customized ‘Wonder Woman’ that God has gifted us somehow always stands on the sidelines of our lives! She and her efforts go so unnoticed that we land up taking her for granted! We assume it’s her ‘duty’ to take care of us!

Amidst all the super cool things that mothers do for us, here is a list of the top 5 proofs of unconditional love that mommy dear showers on us!

5 Things Every Mother Does But Very Few Children Know And Care


Putting Us First

After we come into her life, everything she does revolves around us. Right from making a choice for buying organic groceries (they should be healthy) to selecting the curtains for home (these should be soft!).

Her children become her Priority No.1. Think about this when you try to pull one over her!

Social Ties

Her social circle also undergoes a tremendous change! It goes from ‘cool people to hang out with’ to ‘right mommies to be with’.

Imagine yourself trying to let go of your “Cool” friends and hanging out with the mellow nerds so that you become a better person!

Remember this when your mother asks you not to hang out with someone!

Probably our best friend’s mother makes the most appropriate choice for being her friend since they both have loads of share about their kids! She lets you choose your circle wisely!!

Good Bye Hobbies

No matter even if she’s a painter or a photographer or maybe even a gardener in her free time. After having children, it’s good bye to dear hobbies.

Although it is not necessary for parents to let go of their habits, as proper time management as a parent will help.

All of this ‘free time’ becomes her ‘kid’s time’ after our arrival. She wouldn’t leave one stone unturned in making sure she gives you enough time!

Full-time job

She has taken up a full-time job of looking after you. This job has no holidays and no vacations. It is a contracted commitment of almost 20-22 years that she gives to herself.

And once she is a mommy, there is no looking back.

Becoming a Parent is the definition of Point Of No Return!

Looking After Us

Right from being a toddler, a tween, a teen, through the adulthood, she is right there with us! Forever standing by us and supporting us through everything!

Even after we ourselves become parents she guides us on how to become better at it.

That is the beauty of how wonderful this relation is!

Listen Up, Millennials!

I would love to call upon you today. Let us all be grateful to God for this beautiful way in which he has decided to show us his presence in our life. She makes sure if it is us who is hurt, tears roll down her eyes.

I have come to realize that nowadays all this sounds like a hyped version of a Mother. We don’t believe in her as much as human race ones did. She has become just another ‘somebody’ in our life whom we didn’t get to choose.

Never the less, thankfully, a mother’s love has not undergone any change. Probably the way she expresses her love for us may have changed, but I can assure you if you wish to experience the purest form of love in your life, nothing better than a mother’s flow of love.

Finally, on behalf of all the kids in this world, to all the Mothers I would love to say, we are sorry if we make you feel like we don’t love you. The truth is, we can’t really love you as much as you do. Thank you for being there mom. Your presence is what makes us what we are.

Dedicated to the ‘First Lady’ of all our lives!