Health Care Tips For Kids This Summer

The scorching sun is at its best at this time of May month. With the heat spreading its frantic drama everywhere, we have to take care of ourselves, especially our kids. As we grow up the heat starts bothering us more than ever. But for kids, it’s Summer Vacation Time. No heat, no sun no sunburn has the courage to bother them! They will anyways find a way to make the most of their long holidays.

Here are some quick tips to make sure our life lines are well protected at all times this summer season.

Use Sunscreen

This is the foremost precaution one can take. It is a belief that sunscreen is usable only by adults. This is false. It can be used by kids as well. For kids, don’t take up very low SPF creams. Try to keep the SPF level of the cream up and around 30. Make sure the sunscreen application takes place at least 20 minutes prior to sun exposure.

This will protect your kids from the harsh effects of sun exposures like the sun burns, rashes, itchy skin etc.

Bike Safety

Riding bike is the most favored sport in summers. Make sure your kids use a helmet while riding bikes in sun to avoid direct exposure to sun rays. Also, make sure that the helmet doesn’t remain on head for a long time after sweating since this may cause a headache and nausea.

Summer Care Tips For Kids

Wet Tissues/ Tissues/ Handkerchief

Teach kids to keep along a handkerchief at all times. A tissue paper would also work fine. Sweating is very common during these days and with the sweat come out bacteria which stimulates skin infections. Thus, with the help of handkerchiefs make sure your kids keep wiping off the sweat on the body at regular intervals to avoid skin infections. The wet tissue is the best option of all cause of its wetness it gives an instant cooling effect.

Use Powder/ Refreshing Sprays

Don’t be afraid to add an overdose of talcum powder or refreshing sprays to keep your body fresh and bacteria free. Before going out sprinkling powder in the underarms and back would help the kids to fight the bacteria which cause skin infections.

Home Remedies

If your kids are going through minor health problems like fever or a headache, don’t worry. Try home remedies which don’t have any side effects and are safe. Consumption of more drugs during these days can lead to intensive side effects than usually expected due to heat.

Summer Care Tips For Kids

Drink Loads Of Water

And last but not the least, use this traditional way of beating the heat. Drink lots of water. Keep yourself hydrated. Most of the diseases caused in summer are results of dehydration of the body. So make sure you as well as your kids always remain hydrated.

Do not drink water immediately after coming home from the sun. This may lead to feeling dizzy. Wait for 10-15 minutes before consumption of water.

Quick Tip – The easiest and the best way to convince your kids to drink more water is buying them cool looking new bottles this summer.

Wishing You A Safe, Healthy, Happy And A Cool Summer!