Thinking Of Becoming A Parent? Think Its Easy? We Think Not…

All of us, without any exceptions, are required to make tough choices throughout our lives. We think about the consequences these decisions will have on us and that on the lives of our loved ones. However, have you ever wondered how this already difficult task of decision-making becomes when you have to struggle to make a decision for someone who is not capable of thinking of himself/herself? And then prove it to the other person as to why it is the most appropriate choice!

Is this not what parents had to do most of the times? Especially with the teenage kids? (little giggles for all those who can relate to this, no matter which side of the table you stand)

Among all the toughest decisions that parents have to make, here are the highlights of the difficult decisions they have to make, just for your consideration and some awareness!

The Real Tricky Ones!

To Become One!

To become parents or not is the most important decision to be made since it involves readjusting and changing most part of the current lifestyle.

Saying ‘NO’

The next big task in parenthood is to decide when to say no at the right times and the right places, even though it means they are going to sound rude.

Giving Timely Reality Checks To Kids (And Each Other, Of Course!)

Deciding when our kid requires an intervention is a major decision to be made at frequent checkpoints in a parent’s life.

Seeing Them Grow

Very often grown-ups wish to become kids again. In between all of this it is a painful choice to see their innocent little kids grow up into young adults and make their own life choices.

Letting Kids Make Their Own Mistakes

One of the tough choices as parents is to let the kids make mistakes and watch them learn from their own downfalls.

Giving Them Freedom To Make Choices

There is a huge gap between the world that the kids live in and one of the parents. Learning and choosing to embrace this difference is yet another milestone of decision-making that parents go through. This means giving the freedom to the kids of making their own choices and being responsible for it themselves.

The Tough Choices

When To Stop Financial Aid To The Kids

After the kids grow up, it is a tough plan for parents to implement to stop supporting the kids financially in order to teach them to win their own bread. Financial help though given at desperate times is a must, but bailing them out with every little thing will lead them to become a liability.

Teaching Them Independence

After a certain point in life teaching the kids to become independent individuals is an important aspect of parenting. It is a tough choice to see your little ones walk around and make choices without you.

Making Them Responsible

Do you remember the time when your parents would put you to bed by 10 p.m. and after you started with your high school their tantrums just stopped after a certain time? Even though most of the times we hated them for that they were just trying to imbibe the sense of responsibility into us.

No Time For Committing To Oneself

Dedicating Themselves To Become Whole Time Parents, A 24*7*365 Job

Well, believe it or not, this is one of the other major life-changing, a mind-boggling decision that they make! Taking up a job without breaks!

Letting Go Of Their Personal Lives

How often have you seen parents taking some time off to maybe just read a book? I bet next to none, or even if they are reading a book, it would be related to parenting for sure!

Prioritizing The Kids

Pushing themselves in the back seat and putting kids as the number 1 priority is a must make a decision in the lives of all parents.

Being Available As ‘An All-time Accessible’ Helpline

The decision to be available for their kids every time the need arises is the one that makes this relation a special one. We know for certain that this is one door that we can always knock without hesitation.

No ‘Me-time’ Available

You can’t go to the salon or attend a football game leaving your 2-year-old daughter at home, can you? Things that you did by yourself before gradually reduced down drastically. Sometimes bathing also becomes a parent-kid activity!

Making Healthy Choices

No more Ice-cream for Breakfast!

In order to bring up disciplined kids, parents have to change their lifestyles as well. Kids learn so much from observation. Parents have to decide to adopt a healthy lifestyle to ensure that the kids follow their lead!

The Obvious Ones

School For Their Baby

Once the baby is ready, the kind of pre-school to put him possess a big question mark in front of every parent.

Day Care For Kids 

Leaving the apple of your eye in somebody else’s custody?

As easy as it sounds, a simple decision of arranging for a nanny takes hours of discussion and interviewing! After all, they can’t leave their sugar bears with somebody irresponsible, right?

Embracing The Lifestyle Differences

Choices and decisions don’t match most of the times once the kids grow up to become adults. The parents have to adapt themselves in some places and so do the kids. embracing these lifestyle differences is another big decision that parents make!

More Savings

Once the baby comes in their lives, the level of spending and savings changes dramatically. Saving more and spending less is the new motto then!

Future Planning

Planning for all the future events in life starts occupying the minds of the parents. They have to be sure of being prepared for all the big days, like ‘Graduation’.

The Decision To Commit Themselves To Their Kid’s Growth For Life!

Just while making the very first decision in this list it is an unspoken commitment on the part of the parents to contribute to their kid’s life always and forever in a way that enhances their growth.

Parenting is the most difficult as well as a most precious experience in life! Even though so many difficult decisions are to be made it still has always been a journey worth the go and will always remain so till eternity!

What Is The Toughest Decision You Made As A Parent?

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