We all wish our kids to be brought up in a super awesome way. We wish to provide them with everything that we did not have access to during our childhood. This ‘everything’ also includes the good manners and habits that we see around us and want our kids to be that way.

Either way, too much of pampering or too much of strictness, both have their side effects on our children. A parent-child relationship is one of the major influencers in the process of child development. This one relationship builds all the major traits in children.

Though, most important, there is no set method or rule book that will tell you how exactly to go about this process. However, here are some guidelines that you can add up to your style of parenting that will help you and your kids have a memorable time together.

Here are effective, fail-proof ways to become the Ideal Parent you always wanted to be.

Ideal Parenting Tips

Avoid Criticizing/ Scolding Them Publicly

Most kids have this sense of individuality in their early ages itself. Due to this, it hurts them brutally if their mistakes are corrected or they are criticized in front of an audience. Do avoid hurting them. Rather you could just take them in a corner and have your talks!

Avoid Use Abusive Ways Of Expressing Anger

Kids are special creations of God. They learn the most from the age 0-5 years. The special part of this is that they learn more by observation than by any other means employed by us. Hence, we should avoid using abusive methods for expressing our anger. Usage of abusive ways by parents may lead to the kids thinking it’s okay to behave in a certain, unacceptable way.

Never Force Your Opinions On Them

We being parents have certainly got more experience in hand to make decisions of our life. But as kids, its their time to experiment with their life. Encourage them to give a hand at what they wish to do rather than dictating them what is right for them according to you. And you never know, you might happen to have a little Picasso in your home!

Never Argue In Front Of Kids

Minor quarrels happen in every home. There is no big deal in them. However, arguing in front of our kids might end up bruising their little hearts with the thoughts that ‘mom-dad don’t love each other’. This will not only affect their self-esteem but also make them feel lonely.

Be Encouraging

Encourage your babies to take decisions by themselves. No doubt they will require your suggestions and advice to make decisions. Show them the alternatives and leave it up to them to choose and decide their path.

Negative Motivation

Most parents take the negative motivation for encouraging their kids. Negative motivation looks like if the parent wants to encourage the kid run he will say, “You can’t run fast. You have weak legs.”; thinking that the kid will work a way out to prove them wrong and run. Negative motivation works wonder some cases, while in others it has devastating effects ruining the self-image of the child.


We always try to supplement our kids with loads of examples to enable them to make better decisions in life. While giving examples, ensure that your words are wisely chosen. Comparing has an adverse effect on the minds of the kids. They start comparing themselves and judging their performance all the time with that of the others. Not a very good way for self-evaluation, isn’t it?

Practice What You Preach

Kids learn more by observing our actions. If you ask them to brush their teeth before bedtime but don’t do it yourself, chances are that they will not listen to you. So make sure you practice what you preach!

Pampering A Lot

Nowadays, parents prefer single child and believe in meeting every single demand of theirs. Too much pampering is not a good idea because when they start to go around themselves, they may have to face too much criticism than they are used to which might be harmful.

Maintain A Friendly Relationship

Lastly, try to keep your relation with the kids open and friendly. Make sure they are comfortable in sharing themselves and their problems with you. Don’t be over dictating nor be over friendly.

Don’t Force Them Into Growing Up

Childhood is meant to be enjoyed! Don’t we all miss those stress-less days? Don’t hurry them up into adulthood. Let them enjoy! These are the best days of their life. Help them make the most of these!

Remember, the fear of punishment is always greater than the punishment itself. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your ways. The more you experiment, the more you will learn.

Remember not be too harsh on yourself!!! You may take time but will definitely become better with experience!

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Happy Parenting!