Are you thinking of to gift your son or daughter a handheld device for their birthday? If yes, then let us make you aware that this can prove to be harmful to your child. Nowadays,  children are tech savvy and they use their handheld devices better than us. There is no doubt that technology has developed immensely which has significantly changed and improved our lifestyle. But there is a dark reality hidden behind it i.e. it has a destructive effect on our health and especially on our children. Most of the parents are not aware of the shaky harmful effects of handheld devices such as mobile phones, tablets, gaming consoles and much more.

Many Researchers have warned us that technology harms the youngest, so there is a need to pull them from these eye-catching gadgets and restrict their use so that the key factors of their growth, skills, learning, and behaviour are unaffected.


Today We Are Outlining 10 Reasons That Why Children Under the Age of 12 Should Be Kept Away From These Handheld Devices:

Delay In Child Development

Though many latest gadgets are handy but most of the children get glued to a particular place as they are fully involved in it. This restricts the movement for children which results in delayed development. 1 in every 3 children enters the school experience negatively impacted literacy, delay in development and poor academic achievements. Movement improves attention based skills and learning abilities.

Faster Brain Growth

Children who are between 0-2 years of age, their brain develop triple in size and continue with the development till 21 years of age. Normally, the brain development in early childhood is totally based on environmental stimulus or lack thereof. Overexposure to the gadgets can hamper the brain development such as hyper impulsivity, lack of attention, difficulty in learning and decreased the ability of self-regulation.


Many times parents also get more engaged with technology, thus they are getting detached from their children. The absence of parental attachment automatically swings the detached children towards devices which result in addiction. 1 in every 11 children who are between the ages of 8 to 18 is addicted to technology.

Epidemic Obesity

Children who have access to the technology in their houses or rooms have become couch potatoes. This results in obesity and has a higher risk of developing diabetes, early stroke and heart attack which somehow contribute in shortening their life expectancy.

Sleep Deprivation

Many parents do not supervise their child’s technology usage and 75% of children have access to technology in their personal rooms. This 75 % of children aging between 9 to 10 are sleep deprived which constantly affects their health and grades.


Mental Illness

Overuse of technology has a very bad impact on a child such as it increases the rate of child depression, attachment disorder, anxiety, bipolar disorder, psychosis, and autism. There are many children who have been diagnosed with the mental illness which has ruined their future.


Violent media often make your child aggressive. There are many games and videos whose contents are immoral which include murder, sex, rape, torture and numerous physical and sexual violence, children are exposed to these games and videos which impact badly on their mind and they sometimes get influenced by it resulting in aggression and much more unethical behaviors.

Radiation Emissions

There are various gadgets available and exposed to children such as mobile phones which emit harmful radiations that can sometimes cause severe diseases like cancer.


Children whose upbringing and education are done in a technological world are often unsustainable. There is a need to raise our child with practical life skills rather than upgrading them with above-mentioned qualities. The future can be miserable if children are only drowning in technology.

Eye Strain

Children commonly suffer from eye strain if they keep themselves glued to the screens. Continuous staring at computers can damage you kid’s eye and you can witness your child with specs hanging around their eyes.

Nobody wants their children to get only attached to the gadgets and screens. On the other hand, we also do not want our kids to get isolated from the technology. We parents should make sure that our children always gets a right balance so that they can make effective use of the gadgets and technology which will help them prosper them in their life along with connecting to the fascinating world.